Wish to study abroad? See reasons, exclusive benefits  and privileges why you should  consider studying in the UK ! 



The United Kingdom (UK) is a fusion  of four different countries: England,  Wales , Northern Ireland and Scotland. The UK is administered via a parliamentary monarchy with the Queen as the monarchical head.

According to a 2019 survey by US News & World Report, the United Kingdom is No. 1 on the list of “Best Countries for Education”, and also ranks in the top five on multiple other rankings. https://

Recruitmentweb.org.ng has compiled a list of exclusive benefits and privileges international students stand to enjoy studying in the UK during master’sprogramme. The purpose of this strategic compilation is to enable prospective students to understand the ‘workings’ and benefits they stand to enjoy studying in the UK.

It’s however worthy note that  some of the benefits that make this list are peculiar to the UK education system as other developed countries do not offer such to their international students.

Below are major strategic benefits for international master’s students studying  in the UK:

International students who are studying in the UK are entitled to work for 20 hours per week while schooling in the country.

International students  who studying in the UK can stay and work in the UK for 2 years upon completion of their master’s or Bachelor’s degree programmes. This period affords them they chance to secure a permanent employment that comes with a privilege of residency.

International  students who are studying in the UK can  take their immediate family along when going for master’s degree if they so wish.

Children of master’s degree students  have access to free education from ages 4 to 16 while any of their parents study in the UK.

Partners of  master’s degree students can work full time in the UK under sponsorship of their spouses who are studying.

All international students  can  switch to a skilled worker visa during the 2 years post study permit upon securing a relevant job.

International students after graduation can gain permanent resident status after 5 years with skilled worker visa in the UK.

Finally, after a year of having permanent resident permit, they become eligible to apply for British Nationality.

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