List Of Universities With Cheap Tuition Deposit In The UK

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There is quite a long list of universities with cheap tuition deposit in the UK.


For African Students and other international students, tuition deposit remains a major consideration as far as studying abroad is concerned.

High tuition deposit has discouraged African students from proceeding to studies abroad. It is as a result of these reasons that our team at Recruitmentweb has made a list of some universities in the United Kingdom that gave cheap and affordable tuition deposits.

What is a tuition deposit? A tuition deposit is the first installment from the total tuition fee university students pay to the school to which they have been admitted to.


Students with conditional admission status are required to, first of all, pay their tuition deposit before proceeding with other study requirements from the university, and also get their CAS.

List Of Universities With Cheap Tuition Deposit In The UK

Below are some universities with relatively cheap tuition deposits in the UK:

1. The University of Liverpool – £1,000.

2. University of Manchester- £1000


3. University of Edinburgh Scotland – £1500

4. University of Bradford Yorkshire – £2000

5. Aston university Birmingham – £2000

6. University of Bristol – £1500

7. Swansea University – £2000

8. University of Sussex – £2000

9. Lincoln University – £3000

10. Teesside University – £4000


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