Web3 Fellowship for Africans 

Web3 Fellowship for Africans 
Web3 Fellowship for Africans 

The Web3 fellowship for Africans is a program sponsored by Coinbase. The fellowship will be focused on the need to increase economic freedom within Coinbase. The fellowship is organized by AYA, an online platform that links African talents with different organizations around the world.


The Web3 fellowship for Africans is billed to last for nine months;  within these nine months, six months would be purely for practical training in one’s chosen track,  while the remaining three months would be for job placement and internships for the best performers. This intends to equip fellows with profound professional experience and exposure. The fellowship comes as a remote experience as all aspects of the training would be organized virtually.


  • The fellowship is completely free.


  • You may have a full-time job and apply as long as your job allows you the flexibility to dedicate 20 – 25 hours per week to the fellowship’s activities.
  • There is no age limit for the fellowship. Just don’t be 100+ years old.


  • Completing the fellowship will equip you with in-demand skills to get matched with employers on the aya gigs platform.

Structure of the Web3 fellowship for Africans

  • The initial first few weeks would focus on foundational concepts.
  • In the weeks following that, you will begin your learning of core concepts which you will practice through individual projects.
  • In the final weeks of the fellowship, you will collaborate with other participants to work on interesting web3 projects.


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