See list of jobs that allow you to travel to different parts of the world


Working in the tedious working environment in Nigeria is not something most people want for themselves, especially aspiring young people. The need for rest and possible vacation in this part of the world is often times not taken seriously. This is why most Nigerians especially young folks are making everything possible to leave and work abroad.


In view of this, so many young Nigerians have opted for the schooling route to abroad since it is arguably one of the easiest ways to leave the country and work abroad, while others are hunters for jobs that would enable them travel around the world.


Given the above, getting a job that requires traveling is one of the ways out from this hectic working habit in Nigeria. This would enable you explore the beauties of the world while you are also earning.


Notable statistics have shown that in 2018, 25% of workers around the world did part of their jobs from the comfort of their home. Whereas the COVID and post COVID era, have showed that many more workers are currently working from remotely from their respective homes, and this new trend has all the tendencies of holding sway for so long a time.


For jobs that require travel, you don’t only have the opportunities of working remotely from your home, you practically earn while doing this. Hence, aside the comfort, you are remunerated accordingly. A number of business executives and professionals in different organizations travel around the world for job duties and meetings with both clients and customers.

Research has also shown that a good number of management or professional workers work remotely from home. Isn’t this appealing? Gigs of housesitting, babysitting or travel writing are also jobs you can either do from home or do while travelling.

You too can join others who are working remotely or travel while working. You can be a part of this group of people by landing yourself positions that allow you to travel as you work. Consequently, we have created a list of jobs that come with this privilege for you below:

Flight Attendant

Flight attendant job is one of the best jobs that allow you to travel around the world without paying a dime for transportation. You would travel on beautiful aircrafts to different destinations across the world while earning a nice income coupled with other benefits.


The job comes with varying requirement from different airlines. However, most require you to be able to reach the overhead bins and stand on your feet for a stipulated period of time. Additional experience as a server or in a customer service-facing role is useful for flight attendant applicants.


Skills required include, speaking a foreign language, CPR training is also highly valued by airline hiring managers. Many airlines post their job opportunities directly on their own websites and it’s useful to pick an airline which operates lots of flights from your home airport to limit your commute time on flight days.


Flight attendants most times work random hours, and can encounter difficult and troublesome passengers as well as typical travel disadvantages such as jet lag. But, as a reward for your hard work, you will earn free or discounted flights for you and close family members as well as the opportunity to visit around the world.

Cruise Ship Worker

Cruise ship jobs are known for being one of the best jobs where you can move around the world. You get paid to see the world and interact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, all while collecting a salary and receiving free room and board. You are paid while cruising around the world, having meetings and lodging in some of the best hotels in the world.


In this regard, there are job opportunities for individuals from all specialties. You can be an attendant in one of the restaurants, a technician, cashier and even a performer in one of the ship’s acts.


You can find job postings on Cruise Ship Jobs along with information on whether it’s the right job for you and what to expect. Cruise ships depart ports across the world including popular places such as New York and Hawaii, and while you’ll work long hours, you are still given free time to explore the cities on your route.

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