Npower Recruitment 2022-2023 Application Form Portal: – All Details

Npower Recruitment 2022
Npower Recruitment 2022

Moreso, the Npower program provides various services to its beneficiaries, which include: executive search, contract staffing, and permanent placement.  The Npower program also offers other benefits like consultancy services which help establishments plan their employment strategies more effectively by providing insights into the most important issues within an organization which may be affecting results after recruitment.


Over the years, Npower Recruitment has recruited many beneficiaries in Nigeria in various sectors in the country like, education, engineering, financial services, and healthcare. The program has obviously helped firms and organizations grow in leaps and bounds through its painstaking recruitment.

Npower Nigeria is known to create opportunities for young employed Nigerians and this has been clearly obvious to members of the public since its creation. Its sole aim is to fight poverty and solve unemployment problems among the youths in the country. This they will only achieve by providing jobs sponsored by the federal government, which operates like the normal jobs out there.

In other words, the Nigerian Government through this program provides skills and working experience to youths while paying them like an employer of labor. Thousands of Nigerian Youths are working under this platform today and earning monthly stipends.


The job selection procedure for the Npower recruits is very straightforward. Requirements are laid out to applicants and a portal for application is made known as well.

If you carefully follow the guidelines and possess all the required qualifications, you will be an easy pick for the 2022 Npower recruitment exercise.

What information do you seek regarding this Job Offer?

Qualification requirements, experience requirements, Application procedures, and updates on the current situation of this job application exercise.



Branches of The Npower

The six branches of the Npower Program are listed below. Please follow the link on each of the branches to find out what you need to know about them.

  1. Npower Teach
  2. Npower Agro
  3. Npower Health
  4. Npower Tax
  5. Npower Knowledge
  6. Npower Build

The first four branches are for graduates and the last two are for non-graduates to apply.

The links associated with each of the above branches will enable you to have more knowledge of each of the Npower departments. This will help you make a decision about which best suits your skills and qualifications.

Each of the branches has requirements that differ from the others.

Steps To Follow When Applying For The Npower Recruitment

Scan all important documents such as your degree, SSCE, birth, etc.

On confirmation of the availability of all documents, upload the scanned copies on the application website for this recruitment –

Submit your contact details there and wait to receive a confirmation of selection from the Npower Board via your email or phone.

Requirements For The Npower Recruitment 2022 Application

  1. Ability to adapt to fast-paced working conditions and improvise when needed.
  2. The ability to quickly grab information taught and apply them as soon as required in diverse fields.
  3. Must pass the assigned examinations.
  4. Hardworking youths are needed. You must show enthusiasm toward the job
  5. You must be between the ages group of 18 and 35.
  6. All candidates are required to have a valid means of identification; a permanent voters card(PVC), driving license, or national immigration passport.
  7. Academic qualifications required: A secondary school certificate and a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree from an accredited institution.

When applying, you are faced with two categories which are;

  • Graduate jobs
  • Non-graduate Positions

Whichever you select will determine the academic qualifications required for you to apply for the 2022 Npower recruitment program.

Other Required Information For Npower Application Form 2022

  1. Date of birth
  2. Bank verification number (BVN)
  3. Phone number
  4. Passport;
  5. Carefully compiled CV
  6. Proper Name (detailed as requested on the form)
  7. Place of birth
  8. Active email address
  9. Country of Origin
  10. Educational Qualification degree

Applicants should ensure that their contact details such as their phone numbers and email address are working and very accessible to them. The only way you will find out if you have been successfully shortlisted is by mail or text message from the recruitment body.

Regularly check your email address and ensure you do not lose the login details as well.

How to Apply For Npower Recruitment Program 2022

The application for this job offer is all done online. You are required to fill in the form provided on the application portal and submit all required documents as well.

For your good, do not submit your details to any other person or website other than the one we referenced here. is the only website for application in the 2022-NPower. For more information on the required qualifications for this year and other relevant info, go to the portal and there you will have all the information.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Duration Of The Contract?

The Npower program will last for one or two years depending on which branch you got selected.  The contract for graduates will last for two years while that for non-graduates will last for one year.

Do You Need an NYSC certificate to apply for the Npower program?

This is only compulsory for graduate applicants. The non-graduates do not need an NYSC certificate or exemption certificate to apply.

Is the Npower Portal for application currently open?

At the moment, this portal is not open to applications. The Npower 2022 recruitment exercise will kick off soon, and we will update this page accordingly. If you drop your contact details in the comment section, we will surely inform you when this recruitment kick starts.

What do you require to apply for Npower?

There is no additional requirement for now. Other than what we have already informed you about, there is no other. However, you can still confirm this on the Npower portal when the exercise starts, but this is good to get you started.

How Many Programs Can You Apply For under Npower?

Applicants can only declare interest in one of the Npower departments. If you get caught submitting the same details from more than one of the departments, your application will be disqualified automatically.


 Always keep a tab on this website for more information about Npower 2022-2023 recruitment program as we shall be releasing more vital information about the program as they trickle in from our inside source.  Good luck!

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