See Top 3 Easiest  Ways To Get Permanent Residency In Canada

The process of applying for Canadian visa by oneself  alone is of course very demanding and daunting, too. The problems individuals encounter during the process ranges from herculean task of forms filling,  provision of necessary documents and information,  arranging them in the best order of sequence and the hitches of fighting so hard not to miss deadline. 
There is a handful of Canadian immigration options at the disposal of intended travellers and immigrants,  nonetheless, knowing the best and relatively easy ones to choose is one of the most important areas so many have gotten it wrong.
Given the above reason and experienced difficulties encountered over the years by intended travellers and immigrants across African countries and beyond,  our team has carefully selected top three easiest ways to through which interested individuals can fulfil their dreams of moving to Canada  — a seemingly hitch-free process.
Consequently,  the top three easiest ways to get permanent residency in Canada are:
1. Provincial nominee program 
2. Express entry system 
3. And family sponsorship entry 
The Provincial Nominee Program 
The Provincial Nominee Program is geared towards the need to encourage experienced workers to relocate to  provinces in order to meet up with the available demands of labour at the province labour market. This is because in Canada,  there are certain occupations that have high shortage of workers in the province.
This implies that should your job title be listed on a given province’s in-demand occupation list you will be placed above other applicants to get a Provincial Nomination. Furthermore,  receiving a Provincial  Nomination (PN) almost guarantees permanent residency as candidates are awarded 600 extra points to add to their existent CRS score.
The most interesting thing however is that certain PNPs have Express Entry  Streams , which means that if you have an Express Entry profile,  and has shown interest in such province,  they would be able to select your profile among the draw pool. This implies that your application would be fast tracked,  you will also be eligible to receive extra points,  making it very easy to receive permanent residency.
Here is a list of  PNPs that have Express Entry streams or categories: 
The British Columbia PNP Express Entry Stream; the New Brunswick PNP Express Entry Labour Market System; the Saskatchewan PNP International Skilled Worker Category Express Entry System; Nova Scotia PNP Demand Express Entry Stream; Northwest Territories PNP Express Entry for Skilled Workers stream, Newfoundland and Labrador PNP Express Entry for Skilled Workers stream.
Others are : the  Ontario INP Human Capital Category: Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream; and Ontario INP Human Capital Category: Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream; and Ontario INP Human Capital Category: Express Entry Skilled Trades stream; Prince Edward Island PNP Express Entry stream and the Yukon PNP Express Entry stream.
Family Sponsorship Entry 
The Family Sponsorship Visa enables permanent  residents and citizens over the age of 18 years of age to in Canada  to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner, a relative or dependant to live and work in Canada.
There are four visa categories under this and they include the following:
Spousal and Family Sponsorship Visa;
Spousal and Common-law Sponsorship Program;
Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program; and
Super Visa
The Express Entry System
The Express Entry System is one of the easiest ways to secure permanent residency in Canada.  The program was initiated in 2015 to quicken and bring flexibility into the Canadian immigration process for skilled foreign applicants who want to live and work in Canada.
The beauty of this system  is that you don’t require a job offer to apply. Moreso,  the processing time has now been reduced to be between 6 and 8 months.   The condition attached to this stream makes it one of the easiest and quickest ways to relocate to Canada.
Applicants can however apply under one of 3 Federal Immigration Programs:
Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP);
Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP); and
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP);
Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP); and
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
As regards this, all eligible visa applicants are graded according to factors such as age, work experience, and educational qualifications according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). They are  entered into a draw pool afterwards and ranked against their fellow applicants. The  draws in this visa category usually occur every two weeks in Canada.  Appilicants with the  highest scores  are chosen by the Canadian government to apply for permanent residency afterwards.
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