10 Most Student Friendly Countries In The World

10 Most Student Friendly Countries In The World
10 Most Student Friendly Countries In The World

As a student who is nursing the intention of traveling outside your country for studies, it is important for you to know the student-friendly countries.

You are not the only one looking for student-friendly countries. In 2020, over 5.6 million students chose to benefit from studying abroad. However, this figure is not expected to dwindle as it is expected to go above 8 million by 2025 if the current rate of growth and demand is maintained.

For international students looking for the most student friendly countries to study abroad, the good news is that there are a lot of student friendly countries that you can apply to, whether you are looking for a small, big, or very country there is definitely somewhere that meets your demand and suits your fancy.

In this article we will be giving you a good list of student-friendly countries to look out for, whether you are looking to apply immediately or in the nearest future.



Top student friendly countries

Although some countries enjoy more patronage from international students than others, we have taken out time to select some countries that have something to offer international students while being academically packed and welcoming to them simultaneously.

Our rankings of the top international study destinations are based on several statistical indicators for each of the following seven factors:

  • High-quality teaching
  • achieving career objectives
  • Personal development
  • Culture and way of life
  • Opportunities for networking and friendship
  • Language acquisition
  • Adventure


Spain is ranked number six as a student friendly country, number one in culture and lifestyle, and number when it comes to adventures. So number one on our list of student friendly countries is definitely Spain. Although not very hyped about, it is one country that international students have very little to worry about upon arrival.

Besides the fact that the country is embodied by welcoming citizens, it has universities dating back to 1218 and a diverse culture, which makes studying abroad in Spain a genuinely one-of-a-kind experience.

If you can envision yourself taking regular siestas, sipping sangria, and touring endless tapas bars, then Spain should be at the top of your list of best countries to study abroad. In Madrid, the capital, there are numerous distinct markets and museums to keep you engaged. Or, you can discover architectural wonders like La Sagrada Familia and parts of Catalan culture in colorful Barcelona. 

Also, you can take the train to learn about Basque culture in the north, where you’ll find surfers in San Sebastián and hikers walking the famed Camino de Santiago. Andalucia’s southern region has a tradition of flamenco music and Moorish influence. Granada, Sevilla, Málaga, and Cádiz are sure to impress.

New Zealand

As an international student, it is advised that you set your eyes on New Zealand if you are looking for a study destination that will offer you more than just a certification. New Zealand universities are well recognized for their career-achieving goals, personal development, and room for adventures for international students.

the island nation has a variety of mountains, fjords, beaches, forests, and plains, for international students to explore once they arrive for studies. Some of the country’s landscapes are often considered to be some of the most stunning in the world. 

Did you know that the Lord of the Rings was filmed here? Also, New Zealand is home to world-famous red and white wines. 

if you are up for an adventure outside of storybooks and movies  You may take a helicopter to the pinnacle of Franz Josef Glacier, dive into ancient glowworm caverns in Waitomo, walk to Lake Tekapo to view the aurora australis, and bungee jump in Milford Sound. Beyond the landscape, the finest thing about this country is its people. 

Beyond all the beauty of this island nation, the people are constantly considered to be the finest thing about this country.  New Zealanders are renowned for their generosity and diversity. Everything from language to cuisine is cosmopolitan, with Mori culture remaining an integral part of New Zealand’s traditions. Haere mai, ngā manuhiri tūārangi!


Ranks fifth in Europe, second in Culture and Lifestyle, and sixth in Adventure. France is one of the countries that are student-friendly.

For those interested in living history, La République Francaise is definitely the place for you. Any French city contains cultural, artistic, and architectural influences from many centuries. Visit lovely fairytale villages in the Alsace area, bask in the Mediterranean heat in Marseilles, and marvel at Mont Saint-majestic Michel’s backdrop.

Visit lovely fairytale villages in the Alsace area, bask in the Mediterranean heat in Marseilles, and marvel at Mont Saint-majestic Michel’s backdrop. History is preserved in world-renowned museums such as the Louvre, and fashion is memorialized in Paris’s contemporary fashion scene. 

Also, if you are all about the food French cuisines have been reported to consistently blow the minds of international students beyond their expectations, with a sommelier ready to pair your palate with the ideal bottle of French wine. 

With a few bucks in your pocket, you can visit Lille, Toulouse, Grenoble, and Lyon which are just a few of the many sites to visit, and each area is as diverse as its wine. If you envision yourself watching the sunset behind Notre Dame Cathedral or strolling through the lavender fields of Provence, make France your next study-abroad destination as one of the top countries in the world.


Studying in the Netherlands is a no-brainer, as the country is ranked number 4 in Europe, 4 in Personal development and career goals Achievement.

 Let’s paint a picture of canals, bicycles, and cozy cafes on the streets of Amsterdam, there you go, now you have an idea of what life looks and feels like in the Netherlands. 

The Dutch are a people dedicated to efficiency and sustainability and this is reflected in their alternative approach to life and unique lifestyle. From the bustling cities of Utrecht and Rotterdam to the more tranquil student towns of Groningen and Leiden, you’ll discover people who are quite varied, environmentally sensitive, and tolerant of others.

They have some of the most English speakers in the world, despite being a predominantly Dutch-speaking country, as well as several English academic programs. These qualities distinguish the Netherlands as one of the top study-abroad destinations in Western Europe.`

If you have some free time after class, you can stroll through history at Zaanse Schans, visit the Van Gogh Museum, or see the flowering tulips in the Garden of Europe. Obviously while savoring some stroopwafel. 

United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is ranked 3 in Europe, number one in High-quality teaching, and number 3 in Culture and lifestyle

Given that the United Kingdom is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, it is expected that our list of the best countries for international students would not be complete without it. Even yet, the United Kingdom retains the top position in this year’s ranking of teaching quality.

The United Kingdom is comprised of numerous countries, including England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and there is so much to experience outside of the classroom. You may spend years in London and still not see the entirety of the city! Imagine yourself having afternoon tea and drinking pints in a bar, or perhaps visiting world-class museums and touring the ruins of Stonehenge.

Each city, whether it is Edinburgh, Cardiff, or Belfast, embodies an unusual combination of centuries of history and 21st-century modernity. The undulating scenery of England and Wales, the craggy highlands of Scotland, and the geological marvels of Northern Ireland are more than plenty to keep you interested outside of the classroom. In the United Kingdom, international students are promised an exciting experience.


Switzerland is Ranked 2 in Europe, number 3 in Personal development, and number 1 in Achieving career goals.

Switzerland is well known for its natural beauty owing to its magnificent landscape and hospitable weather, so, if its natural beauty you are looking for then look no further. Switzerland’s stunning beauty, breathtaking landscapes, and scenes are so beautiful that it’s hard to believe it’s all real. With this much beauty, it is only fitting and fair to add it to our list of student friendly countries.

There are various hiking paths across the nation that lead to breathtaking vistas of lakes, woods, and verdant mountains. If you are a passionate skier, you have reached heaven! In addition to Swiss cheese, chocolate, watches, and knives, the Swiss Alps may be the most well-known feature of this country due to their breathtaking scenery and opportunities for mountain sports. Prepare to be equally astounded by the cities.

Enjoy the cosmopolitan cities of Zurich and Geneva, fly a hang glider over Interlaken, and see the medieval Old Town of Bern. Switzerland is the best spot to satiate your inner explorer due to its highly multinational population and simple access to travel as the hub of Europe. If you’re a language aficionado, you’ll be delighted to hear Swiss-French, Swiss-Italian, Swiss-German, and perhaps even Romansh as you stroll around the city. Bainvegni!

United States

Definitely, a top pick for most international students, the USA has a name that precedes it and doesn’t need much introduction to gain acceptance. it is ranked number 2 in North America, number 2 in the world for quality teaching, and number 5 in culture and lifestyle. 

the US is no doubt one of the most multicultural countries in the world today. from the Atlantic to the Pacific, each state hosts a diverse array of subcultures, landscapes, and histories that you’ll never get bored of experiencing. Discover forested mountains, sparkling coastlines, rolling plains, and majestic canyons on a single road trip throughout the United States.

There are endless sources of entertainment whether you visit Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, or Honolulu, you’ll be thrilled by endless sources of entertainment spiced with unique vibes from each city.

Of course, Americans have never planned to let you down when it comes to food as there is an array of varieties in terms of food. given that the country is highly multicultural there is so much to pick from the food trays on the street and restaurants irrespective of the city you find yourself in. Search for the best tacos in California, have fried chicken in the South, and don’t forget to weigh in on the Chicago vs. New York pizza rivalry. 

As a student at one of the several high-quality schools in the United States, you will note that even the universities are a melting pot of cultures, with both domestic and international students hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds. 


Germany is ranked number 1 in Europe, number 4 in quality teaching, and 7 in career goal achievement. and on our list, Deutschland is ranked third as one of the best countries for international students. If you choose to study at some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities in Germany, you will have an unforgettable experience!

 The country is ranked first in Europe for many reasons, spanning from the beaches along its Baltic coast to the numerous breathtaking landscapes which clothe the country, Germany seems to play host to almost every European landscape imaginable and is perfect for all seasons. 

Even if you’re not a fan of history, you’ll see remnants of the past across Germany, from the Berlin Wall and Holocaust memorials in the city to the enchanted Eltz and Neuschwanstein Castles in the countryside.

Visit the Black Forest for some inspiration from fairytales, get lost in Hamburg’s gorgeous canals, and enjoy the bergaptens of Munich at the annual Oktoberfest.

Germans may be the largest bread lovers in Europe, and their currywurst, schnitzel, and doner kebab are certainly worthy of bragging about. 


Canada is a top tourist and study destination for several people and the influx of people into the country doesn’t seem to be dwindling anytime soon. it offers a lot of opportunities to international students and should you consider Canada as your study destination rest assured that the country is a student friendly country.

Canada is ranked number 1 in North America, 5 in quality teaching, and number in language learning. 

Canada is also Known for its vast and unmatched expanse of natural wonders and landscapes. it plays host to rocky coasts, forested lakes, arctic glaciers, and snowy mountains. When going out to take in its beauty it is advisable to go with a good camera. 

As a bilingual nation, both French and English are commonly spoken, making Canada one of the greatest places to study abroad for language acquisition. However, given Canada is a highly cosmopolitan nation, you are likely to hear many more languages, including those of Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Here you will discover warm welcomes and cheerful grins regardless of your language. 

Explore the cosmopolitan cities of Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, and be astonished by Banff, Whistler, and Halifax’s breathtaking landscapes. Sounds like the perfect environment for study right?


Australia is ranked number 3 for high-quality teaching, number 3 for career goals achievement, and number 8 for personal development. Australia surpasses Canada as the top destination for international students in 2022.

There is so much to discover, with nine separate areas and twenty UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Great Barrier Reef, Tasmanian Wilderness, and Uluu-Kata Tjua National Park.

Visit the world’s oldest rainforest in the Daintree, see beaches with red sand and turquoise sea in Broome, and be amazed by the limestone cliffs along the Great Ocean Road. Would you like to learn to surf? Visit Manly after class in Sydney or become a regular at Margaret River or Perth for some of the world’s best waves.

Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne are metropolitan cities, with Melbourne being the center of Australia’s music culture. Australia is a country with a fondness for pubs and cafés and a rich blend of cultures, including the Aboriginal heritage. Grab your sunglasses and head Down Under to see for yourself why Australia tops our list of the best locations to study abroad in 2022.


So there you go, we believe at this point that the problem you can have is which country you would like to pick as your study destination. There are a lot of student friendly countries around the world, all you have to do now is make a choice.

We believe that you have found this article useful and helpful. If you feel we left out an article please do well to let us know in the comment section below


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