How To Get Switzerland Study Visa for Indian Students

How To Get Switzerland Study Visa for Indian Students
How To Get Switzerland Study Visa for Indian Students

Are you an Indian student looking for a Switzerland study Visa for Indian students?


Many Indians are looking for Switzerland study visas for Indian students, and the figure has continued to rise recently.

Switzerland is an accommodating and student friendly country and has enjoyed the recent attention which has been cast on it in recent times as it continues to make major strides in different sectors.




Switzerland is situated in the heart of Europe. Bern is the administrative capital of Switzerland, while Lausanne is its judicial center. Switzerland’s small size, its entire land area is around half that of Scotland and its modest population are insufficient indicators of its international prominence.

Switzerland, a landlocked nation of towering mountains, deep Alpine lakes, grassy valleys dotted with neat farms and small villages, and thriving cities that blend the old and the new, is the nexus of the diverse physical and cultural geography of western Europe, renowned for its natural beauty and way of life. Aspects of both have become bywords for the country, whose very name evokes visions of the glacier-carved Alps, which are adored by writers, artists, photographers, and outdoor sports fans worldwide.

For many outsiders, Switzerland also conjures up images of an affluent but fairly conservative and unexciting society, which is now an outdated perception. Switzerland remains prosperous and orderly, but its mountain-walled valleys are more likely to resound with the sound of a local rock band than with a yodel or an alphorn.

Switzerland appears to be the type of country that succeeds at everything, from famous psychologists such as Jung and Piaget to outstanding athletes such as Federer and Hingis, one would assume that the subjects and Master’s degrees are likewise of the highest quality.


Moreover, Switzerland is situated in the heart of Europe, so it’s not surprising that you may visit three nations in a single afternoon, maximizing your international exposure.

Switzerland is renowned for its Master’s degrees in Business Administration, Engineering, Hospitality, Life Sciences, Economics, and a variety of other disciplines.

How To Get Switzerland Study Visa for Indian Students

For Indian students who are looking for a guideline on how to apply for a study Visa in Switzerland, the folowing guidelines have been listed for you to follow.

National Visa D

To study in Switzerland as an Indian student, you must possess a National Visa D. This visa is designed exclusively for students like you who are willing to study abroad in Switzerland. To   Determine if studying abroad in Switzerland is suited for you, gather the most accurate information on the National Visa D procedure.

After studying the procedure, it will help inform your decision and make it easier for you to decide if you are still interested or up to the task.

Main steps to take for the Swiss student visa

Here are the steps Indian students who are looking forward to study in in Switzerland must take to obtain a Visa that will allow them to study in Switzerland:

  • Through a visa application center for the Swiss embassy in India, you can schedule an appointment to apply for a visa online. Bring your application materials and have your biometrics collected at the location.
  • During the visa application process, Indian students must submit their  biometric information. Countries must document your biometrics such as fingerprints and photographs for security purposes.
  • During your application process be prepared because you may be required to attend a Visa interview at anytime.
  • The National Visa D from Switzerland is valid till an unknown date. You may be required to renew your visa annually in order to remain in the country for the duration of your degree program. If you wish to remain in Switzerland after completing your degree, you must submit an application to the immigration office for a different visa or a visa renewal.

What will the cost of the student visa be?

The Swizz national Visa D is not gotten for free and there is a price tag placed on it for all intending applicants. Also a fee of 67 CHF is required from any applicant who is nursing an intention to study in the country. Depending on the circumstances, Swiss authorities will permit you to pay this fee online, in person at a visa application center in India, or via bank transfer.

Swiss visas do not require health insurance for Indian students. You must pay a service fee of approximately 20 Swiss francs.

What documentation am required to get for my student visa?

Students who are planning to study in any Switzerland University must prove their English proficiency as this ensures that communication will not be a barrier upon your arrival. Your are expected to prove your English proficiency both in writing and speaking.

These language abilities will allow you to thrive in your classes and navigate Switzerland with ease.

Students from India are allowed into Switzerland without any mandate to perform any sort of medical test.

Students from India will not be required to open a Restricted Bank Account. This sort of bank account restricts the amount of money you can withdraw each month and restricts access to the account to when you are physically present in Switzerland.

Visit the Switzerland immigration website for more information on visas.

How much time will it take to get my visa?

After submitting an application, you can anticipate a wait period of 56 to 84 days within which a decision will be made on your Visa application. So, do not be in a haste to get a reply.

Once you have been granted admission into a Swizz university of choice you  should submit your Visa D application at least three months prior to the start of your degree program.


The path to Switzerland for Indian students is not as difficult as many had imagined. In fact, students from India stand a chance to enjoy certain waivers from the Swiss government.

If you are still nursing that Swiss study ambition don’t let anything hold you back, go for it now.

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