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Scholarship Websites
Scholarship Websites

How many Scholarship Websites do you know?


Many students look for scholarships in a bid to provide funding to study in colleges and universities. But most times, even when students are desperate to get these scholarships they often do not know where to constantly look should an opportunity come up. 

In this article, I will be giving you some legit scholarship websites you should be looking into for scholarships.

Scholarship Websites

IIE Funding for U.S. Study

If you looking for scholarships within the region of the United state of America, this site is among the various sites you should be keeping close tabs on.


For free, students can search through Study Online’s database of foreign fellowships, scholarships, and grants. The Institute of International Education looks after the website (IIE). Through international interaction, the IIE wants to strengthen existing links. The database can be searched by:

  • Program name
  • Sponsoring organization
  • Area of Study
  • Region/Country of origin

Students from all over the world can access’s free financial assistance database. You may find complete listings of grants, international scholarships, loan programs, and other details on the website to aid in financing your study abroad adventure.

The following advantages are provided by the student membership at

  • Free access, 
  • More resources, 
  • And direct contact with award administrators

Scholarship Positions

International students can get free information about hundreds of scholarships and other methods to pay for school at Scholarship Positions. You can examine their prominent scholarships and search for grants by subject or country. 


The Unique thing about Scholarships Positions is that it makes it simple to locate scholarship details such as:

  • Scholarship amounts, 
  • Application deadlines and availability are all listed here. Additional details on rewards for international students

World Bank Scholarships Program

The world bank is known for basically known for providing support to countries that are still going through the development process. And providing scholarship opportunities to the students of these countries is not exempted.

The World Bank Scholarships Program provides grants to nationals of developing nations for graduate and post-graduate study. To find out more about member nations, opportunities, and application deadlines, visit the World Bank website.


Fastweb is another legit scholarship website, and have been in existence for a long period of time (about 20 years). 

compiles honors from both significant and minor directories. Similar to other websites, creating a profile is required in order to seek scholarships. But after you’ve signed up, you can quickly search for scholarships and narrow down your results using a variety of criteria. Fastweb will also let you know when a new scholarship that fits your criteria is posted and when deadlines are approaching.


Popular scholarship website ScholarshipOwl aggregates scholarships and groups them by amount, types of requirements, recipients, and the amount of time left before the application deadline.

Your application will be automatically resubmitted by ScholarshipOwl to ongoing scholarships that only need your basic information. You will have more time to concentrate on awards that need essays and recommendation letters as a result. offers one of the most user-friendly interfaces among scholarly websites, many of which are challenging to navigate. You may easily search for and find several scholarships for which you might be qualified, and you can filter based on your educational level, award category, award amount, and deadline. Even better, you can activate the “no-essay” button to look for scholarships that don’t demand a written essay.


CareerOneStop is one of the scholarship websites in the U.S. basically controlled by the U.S department of labor.

More than 8,000 scholarships are available, and you may sort them by amount, deadline, state where you live, the state where you’ll be attending school, or keyword. In addition to undergraduate and graduate students, students attending vocational schools or pursuing an associate’s degree may also be eligible for scholarships.


It can be worthwhile to search the site for potential leads because Cappex claims to have the largest online database of scholarships. To see every scholarship you might be eligible for, just like on other websites, you must register. You can sort rewards using their filter system by academic year, scholarship amount, gender, ethnicity, and award deadline. You can also look for scholarships that are renewable and provide money for college over a number of years.

SallieMae views itself as a “bank with a purpose” whose mission is to aid families in making college plans, saving money, and paying for those plans. In order to aid families in controlling expenditures, they provide private student loans. 

But Sallie Mae is more than just a bank; they support local neighborhoods and provide scholarship search tools to aid kids in finding financial aid for their college education! Through their website, you may not only search for relevant scholarships but also submit an application for one of their own.

Using this website, you can browse through more than 3.2 million scholarships and grants to discover funding for your college education. Any type of student, from a high school senior to a present college student to a non-traditional or adult learner returning to school later in life, will benefit from their scholarship tool. 

Whatever type of student you are, there are options available for you, and moolahSPOT can assist you in finding them. Additionally, students of all financial levels will benefit from using this top scholarship website. Their database will present both need-based and merit-based possibilities, the majority of which won’t even take your family’s income into account. The website also offers tools to assist students in finding the best scholarship and winning it.

FAQ On Scholarship Websites 

What is the best website to apply for scholarships?

As already listed in the content, here is the rundown of some of the best scholarship websites;

  • Fastweb
  • College Board
  • Going Merry
  • ScholarshipOwl
  • Cappex
  • Scholly


Some of the greatest scholarship websites are now at your disposal to aid you in your search for financial aid for your college education. They are not ranked in any manner, just placed in random order. Despite the fact that scholarship chances are quite competitive, why not give it a try? You might end up being the lucky recipient.


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