How To Find Immigration Paralegal Jobs | Job Description

Immigration Paralegal Jobs
Immigration Paralegal Jobs

Do you want to know more about immigration paralegal jobs? You have probably heard about it and want to know more, for others you know all about it but want to know how you can find jobs in this field, then this article is for you.


In the next few minutes, I will be giving you the job description of immigration paralegals and how to find jobs as an expert in this field.

Immigration Paralegals

Immigration paralegals are experts who assist immigration attorneys with their cases. They are tasked with some responsibilities which include managing caseload intakes, filing permanent residency visa applications, and preparing nonimmigrant and immigrant visa petition packages for review. Sometimes they are also requested to respond to immigration questions.

Immigration Paralegal Job Description Template

Many people are looking to employ the services of an experienced Immigration Paralegal to help with the immigration caseload. As an Immigration Paralegal, you will be responsible for preparing permanent residency applications, processing intakes, and maintaining immigration case data in this role. In addition, you will be required to report to the Immigration Program Manager.


As a booster, you should have experience working under the supervision of a licensed attorney and knowledge of immigration applications to be successful as an immigration paralegal. Top-tier immigration paralegals are team players who help immigration attorneys with their caseloads.

Responsibilities of an Immigration Paralegal

  • An immigration paralegal reports to the manager of the immigration program.
  • They collaborate with the immigration attorneys and Regional Paralegal Manager.
  • They Manage caseloads from intake through processing and filing.
  • Preparation of applications for permanent residency and secondary benefits for foreign nationals.
  • They process and file nonimmigrant and immigrant visa petitions.
  • Organization of petition packets for review and filing.
  • Obtaining information about applications and petitions from third parties.
  • Keeping clients informed on the current progress of their cases.
  • Keeping hard copies of documents and entering data into an immigration case management system.
  • Responding to immigration inquiries on time and meeting submission deadlines.
  • Prepares legal correspondence, affidavits, and other documents for attorneys.
  • Organizes and maintains documents in either paper or electronic filing system.
  • Files pleadings with the court clerk.
  • Helps in preparing for trial by organizing exhibits and assists with other tasks as needed.
  • Directs and coordinates law office activity, including delivery of subpoenas.
  • Gathers and analyzes statutes, decisions, and legal articles, codes, documents, and other data.
  • Calls on witnesses to testify at hearings.
  • Keeps the law library up-to-date by monitoring legal volumes.

Requirements For Immigration Paralegal

  • A bachelor’s degree or a postsecondary program that includes law-related coursework.
  • Accredited paralegal certification from the state.
  • 2 years of law-related experience working under the supervision of a licensed attorney.
  • Must be willing and able to collaborate with immigration attorneys and regional paralegal managers.
  • Extensive experience applying for visas, permanent residency, and secondary benefits.
  • Extensive experience preparing petition packages for review and filling out.
    Capability to manage immigration inquiries, collect necessary information, and keep clients updated on progress.
  • Legal terminology and immigration database software, such as LawLogix and eIMMIGRATION, are required.
  • Outstanding recordkeeping and communication abilities.

Paralegal Interview Questions

Here are some interview questions to help you prepare ahead for that interview:

  1. Describe some of the cases that you’ve worked on. How did you assist the legal team in developing strategies/solutions? ( Talk more about how experienced you are).
  2. When multitasking, how do you ensure that your work is completed accurately and by the deadline? ( Emphasis on and show time management skills).
  3. What aspects of law are you most comfortable with? What do you struggle with? (Reveal your strengths and weaknesses).
  4. How do you go about getting information from a difficult/emotional witness? (A test of your communication skills).
  5. Explain some of the administrative duties you’ve handled. What software you’ve used? How do you organize information? (Reveal your technical skills).

How To Find Immigration Paralegal Jobs

Provided in this section will be linked to several job sites that can provide you with the employment opportunities you are looking for as a paralegal:


The good news here is that there is a wide range of opportunities in this field for those who are interested in practicing. Also, you can apply for a remote job when it comes to Immigration Paralegal Jobs

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