Nigeran Federal Government Scholarships Awards To Study Abroad

Nigerian federal government scholarship
Nigerian federal government scholarship

Apply today to be a beneficiary of the Nigeran federal government scholarships for its citizens abroad. Application is ongoing!


The Nigerian government is willing to sponsor a good number of its citizens abroad for further studies. This is one means the government reels out education support for its citizens with excellent academic performance.  The government is doing so through the Federal Scholarship Board (FSB).

The Federal Scholarship Board {FSB} is a Subdivision of the Federal Ministry of Education which is headed by a Director, who is also the Secretary of the Board. More than 30,000 Nigerians have benefited from the scholarship program since its inception.

Most of the scholarship recipients from Nigeria have returned home to make substantial contributions in different sectors to the development of the nation, particularly in our higher institutions.


The grading score for this scholarship would be strictly based on academic merit, the quality of research proposals by students as well as their positive impacts on society at large.


  • Policy Formulation – Preparing master plans for a well-composed and effective utilization of foreign and local scholarship and fellowship awards to deserving Nigerian undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Implementing the Federal Government strategy and programs of foreign and local scholarship awards to well-deserving Nigerian scholars.
  • Implementation of Federal Government commitments to the Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) and Multi-Lateral (Commonwealth) Agreements on Scholarship and Fellowship awards to Nigeria.
  • Implementation of Presidential Special Scholarship for Innovation and Development (PRESSID) and NYSC EX-Corps Scholarship.
  • Collection, collation, analysis, publishing, and dissemination of data and other information on student matters, Scholarship, and Fellowship awards in relation to Nigeria.
  • Supervision and monitoring of the activities of Federal Government Scholars in Tertiary Institutions locally and abroad.
  • Advising and coordinating States Scholarship Policies and Programmes through Annual Coordinating Committee Meetings of Secretaries of Federal and State Scholarship Boards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nigeran Federal Government Scholarships

1. Does the Nigerian government sponsor its citizens abroad on scholarship?

Ans: Yes, Nigeria sponsors its citizens abroad on scholarships

2. Who is eligible for the Nigerian federal government scholarship?


Ans: Every Nigerian citizen with the necessary criteria

3.  Which agency is responsible for federal government scholarships in Nigeria?

Ans: The Federal Scholarship Board is the agency responsible for federal government scholarships in Nigeria


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