Everything You Need To Know About Scholarship Points

Scholarship Points
Scholarship Points

Scholarship points provide an alternative means for students to stand a chance of winning scholarships without essay writing and grade points (GPA), not part of the basic criterion. 


Although many students might be fluent in the English Language both written and spoken, composing an essay to meet scholarship standards might prove to be very difficult, and that is why the scholarship point has been made available as an aid for some students.

In this article, I will be showing you what the scholarship points are really all about.

About The Scholarship Points

One of the most important things to understand about scholarship points is that your likelihood of winning depends less on your academic performance and essay-writing abilities than it does on your willingness to take surveys and provide personal information. Gaining points by taking part in marketing activities increases your chances of winning a $1,000 or $10,000 scholarship.


College students can enter a points-based scholarship competition through the membership program Scholarship Points. Since 2006, the business has consistently given scholarships to current and prospective students. The company’s proprietors, Edvisors Network Inc., have a US location and a publicly available phone number.

ScholarshipPoints is a data mining website that makes money off the data you voluntarily submit. Due to the fact that most websites generate advertising money based on the information you freely or unintentionally provide while visiting, this is a common business strategy across the internet in general.

How Scholarship Points Work 

  1. If you are above 13 and enrolled or about to enroll in a U.S. higher education school, you are eligible to join ScholarshipPoints. Only Americans are eligible to use ScholarshipPoints.
  2. You must provide your name, contact information, age, and grade level in order to register.
  3. After joining the program, you can start executing particular consumer marketing-related tasks to earn points. You can also gain points by doing the following things:
  • Taking Surveys
  • Looking at blogs or articles on college life
  • Adding comments to social media pagesVisiting a webpage for a favored partner
  • Examining emails from
  • Taking part in a competition
  • Solving puzzles and playing games.
  1. You are awarded a specific quantity of points once you complete each action. Each point earns you one entry into the scholarship drawing.
  2. ScholarshipPoints or its partners may offer scholarships. You have the option to select the awards or limitations that are most appealing to you. In some circumstances, entering to win scholarships will even earn you points.

Scholarship Point Award Worth

ScholarshipsPoints awards a $10,000 scholarship every three months in addition to three $1,000 scholarships each month.

The Enter Scholarships website always has the most recent list of available scholarships. Along with the sum, provider, and date of the drawing, you’ll notice the scholarship’s name.


How You Get  ScholarshipPoints funding After Winning A Scholarship

The funds are delivered to the financial aid department at your institution.

For this reason, all ScholarShip points participants must be enrolled or about to enroll in college. You will not receive the scholarship if you are not a present or prospective college student. You won’t lose the money, so don’t worry. Your student number is required by ScholarshipPoints in order to more accurately connect the scholarship with your student assistance account. The last four digits of your SSN are required if you don’t have a student number so they can link your identification with the funds.

Students in high school can still take part in ScholarshipPoints. Scholarship Points distributes your earnings to a qualified 529 college savings plan rather than a college financial assistance office.

How Scholarshippoints elect Winners Of An Award 

You get an entrance ticket for a scholarship every time you earn a point. The computer creates an entry for you into the competition when you spend a point on a drawing. Utilizing more of them boosts your chances of winning by producing more entries.

The webpage lists the expiration date of each scholarship so always ensure to apply on time when a scholarship has been made available. The company’s computer program selects a winner at random on that day.

How To Know You Are A Winner Of A Particular Award

A phone number is required when creating an account with ScholarshipPoints so the team has a quick way to get in touch with scholarship recipients.

ScholarshipPoints calls the winners, but as soon as the call is received, the countdown clock starts. The request must be answered and winnings acknowledged within three business days.

You lose access to the scholarship if you don’t reply to the notification within three days. A fresh alternate winner is chosen by the computer once the previous winner is declared ineligible. Until a winner formally claims the award, the computers keep selecting new winners.

FAQ On Scholarship Points

Are scholarship points Legit?

ScholarshipPoints is a genuine website  Since 2006, and have given out scholarships totaling more than $1 million. At ScholarshipPoints, we offer monthly and quarterly scholarship awards to assist students in covering the cost of their college education. An up-to-date list of the students who have received scholarships is posted on our winner’s wall.

The method ScholarshipPoints raises money is distinctive. Despite claims to the contrary, the program’s funding structure makes sense for payouts and offers a straightforward payment method.

The fundamental idea of ScholarshipPoints is to produce personal data for businesses to generate marketing leads. These leads are worthwhile, and since you’re willingly taking part, you’re more likely to be truthful, making the leads even more worthwhile.

Does Scholarship Points Cost Money?

ScholarshipPoints is not a paid service. The business will never request payment, banking information, or any other type of financial information.

Your ability to take part in the scholarship program is unaffected by survey questions that ask about your financial position, income, or tuition fees.


ScholarshipPoints only requires your time and personal information. If you use a different email address, you won’t even have to deal with the flood of emails.

Of course, this method of entering the lottery won’t be ideal for you if you value your privacy a lot or would prefer to receive something in return for your information. But the fact that there are so many various ways to gain points on the platform is what we like about it.


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