Graduate School Scholarship For International Students 

Graduate School Scholarship
Graduate School Scholarship

Are you an international student looking for a Graduate School Scholarship?


The number of students that choose to further their studies after college is on the increase, and graduate school scholarships play an important role to help nonprivileged students achieve this.

Thankfully, there are several graduate school scholarships available for students. These scholarships minimize financial stress for students pursuing advanced degrees, allowing them to focus more on their academics without having to worry much about financial help.

Graduate School Scholarship For International Students

McNair Tuition Scholarships

Students who have finished the McNair Undergraduate Scholars program at a US university are eligible for McNair tuition subsidies. If former McNair Undergraduate Scholars are unable to get assistantships or fellowships at The University of Alabama, they are eligible for a tuition scholarship.


Application Requirement

  • This school graduate scholarship is only available for  McNair students.
  • If the scholarship recipient keeps a 3.0 grade point average each semester, they are guaranteed the award for two years.
  • It will be necessary for applicants to complete the graduate admissions application. For McNair Scholars who can provide documentation of their scholarship status, the graduate application cost will be waived.
  • Any graduate program at Emporia State University may use the scholarship to cover tuition and expenses. To be eligible for the award, each winner must be admitted to a graduate program of study. They must also enroll in at least six graduate-level credits during the semester they receive the award payment.

Applicants must submit a letter of application (2).

Scholarship Worth

The McNair Tuition Scholarship is worth $2,500.


Alumni Heritage Graduate Scholarship

The Alumni Heritage Graduate Scholarship is not just some of the regular graduate school scholarships anyone can apply for if they have no link or history with the great Alabama University.

Persons who are first-year graduate students from Alabama who are residents and are the children or grandchildren of university employees are eligible to apply for the scholarship which is considered nonrenewable by the university.

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Application Requirements 

  • An undergraduate, graduate or law degree from The University of Alabama is required for either the parent or the grandparent.
  • The qualified parent or grandparent must have participated actively in NAA for three of the previous five years.
  • The scholarship will be worth $500 toward graduate-level courses’ in-state tuition. (Subject to the lower of actual in-state tuition not covered by other awards or the maximum amount permitted by law.)
  • The student may enroll full- or part-time in a UA graduate degree program after being accepted. Please take note that before receiving a scholarship, students must have earned their undergraduate degrees.

Scholarship Worth 

Alumni Heritage Graduate Scholarship is worth $500.

Application Deadline 

Online application is basic, with the following deadlines 

  • Students beginning the fall semester, July 15
  • Students beginning the spring semester, November 30
  • Students starting the summer semester, May 1

BIGSAS Scholarship

Two scholarships will be awarded by the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies, BIGSAS, in 2023 through the Graduate School Scholarships Program (GSSP) run by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). BIGSAS will submit applicants for those who have cleared the application process. The DAAD will make the final decision on the scholarship. The scholarship periods start at the earliest in October 2023. (including a German language course starting in summer 2023, if applicable). A maximum of four years’ worth of scholarships may be awarded in total.

Application Requirements

  • At the time of nomination, applicants should not have spent more than fifteen months living in Germany. Please keep in mind that while applications may be submitted in German, English, or French, BIGSAS’s working language is English.
  • Two letters of recommendation) from teaching faculty at the home universities must be submitted with the application.
  • Applicant must hold an excellent Masters or comparable degree. At the time of BIGSAS’s nomination, the most recent Master’s or comparable degree must have been earned within the previous six years.

SmartSolar Sustainable Scholarship 

SmartSolar is a firm believer in living sustainably while maintaining modern conveniences. Every day, we can make little decisions that won’t harm the environment, and we want to recognize one student who works hard to do so.

This scholarship aims to assist committed students who actively resist climate change and have long-term plans for doing so.

This award is open to all graduating seniors from high school as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

Application Requirements 

  • Please describe your efforts to address climate change in your application and what you believe is the most effective strategy to do so.
  • Applicant must be a senior in high school, or an undergrad or graduate school student.
  • The applicant must have a habit of making sustainable choices every day.

Scholarship Worth

SmartSolar Sustainable Scholarship is worth $ 1000. 

FAQ On Graduate School Scholarships

What scholarships are available for graduate students?

Graduate students are eligible for a variety of scholarships. These financial aid options include both specialized scholarships for graduate students and more general scholarships available to all students, including those enrolled in graduate programs.

You can find graduate student grants and scholarships that ask for essays, artistic submissions like photos, or no submissions at all. Each scholarship’s eligibility requirements are listed in the description, and many are intended to aid students pursuing graduate degrees.

How can I get graduate school scholarships?

There might not be as many scholarships available for graduate school as there are for undergraduate students.

Your affiliation with a particular graduate program is another way to find graduate scholarships. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to apply for a couple of graduate scholarships. In addition, scholarships may be available based on your topic of study, demographics, academic standing, geographic location, or even through professional associations.


There are many scholarships available for graduate students. Graduate school scholarships reduce financial commitments for students pursuing advanced degrees, allowing them to focus more on their academics without having to worry as much about financial help.

We’ve put together this list of scholarships specifically for graduate students who want to simplify their financial situation for you to make things easier. These scholarships are special since they focus on giving high school, college, and graduate students financial aid. Simply choose a scholarship from the list above, then submit your application immediately!


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