Essay Scholarships

Essay Scholarships
Essay Scholarships

Talented writers can apply for the greatest essay scholarships to get free financial aid for education. Essay scholarship requirements include writing 250–2,000 words on the given topic.


Since it takes time to write well-written essays, these grants frequently provide more awards. Some essay scholarship recipients receive $20,000 or more to cover their college expenses. The article provides you with a list of outstanding essay scholarships.

Essay Scholarships

The Sub Pop Loser Scholarship

Sub Pop Records is thrilled to provide three deserving high school seniors with a combined total of $15,000 in college scholarships. You must submit a one-page essay as part of the application process, using any combination of our questions as a guide (or come up with something entirely own, be inspired, and be creative!). To be eligible, candidates must live in Washington or Oregon and be pursuing higher education.

Application Requirements

  • Since this scholarship is an essay scholarship, writing an essay is one of the basic requirements.
  • Applicants must be able to compose one page of an essay.
  • To be eligible, candidates must live in Washington or Oregon and be pursuing higher education.

Scholarship Worth

The total scholarship is worth total $15,000.

Winner: $7,000

Runners Up: $5,000


Third Place: $3,000

Scholarship Application Deadline

23rd March 2023.

Visit the website here.

BBB Torch Talk Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to further the mission of the BBB Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization devoted to educating consumers on a range of market-related topics. Candidates must be high school students in one of the following states: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, or Western Wyoming. They must also submit a 500-word essay on one of the suggested topics for BBB’s online journal Torch Talk.

Application Requirements 

  • The applicant must attend school in Western Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, or Oregon.  
  • Applicants must write an essay of about 500 words.

Scholarship Worth 

This scholarship is worth $2,000.

Scholarship Application Deadline

16th March 2023.

Visit the website to apply.

LiveYourDash Entrepreneurs Scholarship

This is an essay scholarship available for students who want to further their education through college. This scholarship is intended to help students who are studying entrepreneurship-related degrees or who have already launched their own enterprises.

Any undergraduate with a major in entrepreneurship is eligible to apply.

Apply here.

Incight Scholarship

Students with a disability who attend school in Washington, Oregon, or California are eligible for the INCIGHT scholarship. To be eligible, applicants must submit two in-depth essay replies (video essays are also accepted). The selection procedure will decide the number of awards and the total amount given, and recipients will be notified in June.

Application Requirements

Scholarship Worth 


Apply Here.

BBB of Delaware Student Ethics Essay Scholarship

The Student Ethics Essay Scholarship competition, sponsored by M&T Bank, is held annually by the Better Business Bureau Foundation of Delaware and awards two $2,500 prizes. Seniors who plan to attend college are required to prepare a 500-word, single-spaced essay on how the BBB can compete in the modern digital age. Typed writings are “blindly” evaluated based on their inventiveness and business savvy. By January 9th, students must also turn in their transcripts and personal statements.

Application Requirements 

  • Be “First State” high school students graduating this year
  • Wish to further your education at a recognized American college
  • Prove achievement in school and outside activities with GPAs over 3.0

Visit the sponsor website to apply.

America’s 911 Foundation College Scholarships

America’s 911 Foundation Inc. has given 15 dependent children of first responders college scholarships of $2,000 each since 2001. Children of police officers, firefighters, paramedics, dispatchers, park rangers, and correctional officials are eligible, whether they are biological or adopted. By March 9th, applicants must turn in a 500-word essay on the value of America’s 911 Foundation that has been proofread. It must be written in 12-point New Roman Times or Arial.

Application Requirements 

  • Be a first responder’s child who works or volunteers in the field.
  • Enroll in American postsecondary schools at least part-time.
  • Possess a solid command of the English language’s grammar and spelling.

Visit the sponsor website for more.

Clarkson Scholars Program

The Clarkson Scholars Program is funded by Clarkston Consulting and offers the top essay scholarships for STEM majors, worth $5,000 per year for a total of $10,000. By January 15, future scientists must apply during their second undergraduate year. Applications must be accompanied by two 500-word essays regarding the biotech sector, a current academic transcript, and a letter of recommendation from a professor or advisor. Finalists are required to appear in person for a Philadelphia interview.

Application Requirements

  • Be sophomores in senior colleges in Pennsylvania that are accredited.
  • Study biology, chemistry, and other biological sciences for your bachelor’s degree.
  • Keep your overall, unweighted GPA at or above 3.0

Visit the sponsor website here.

FAQ On Essay Scholarships

Is it worth writing essays for scholarships?

It’s likely that you will apply for multiple college scholarships if you need more funding for education. A strong scholarship essay can help you obtain the award by allowing the scholarship provider to see the real you behind the application (assuming you meet the other scholarship criteria).

How do you start an essay for a scholarship?

The greatest option is to compose a compelling sentence. It should be something compelling or alluring that will pique someone’s curiosity and encourage them to read the rest of your essay. Avert lengthy introductions or justifications. This sentence should be concise and unambiguous instead.


Essay scholarships seem to be more rewarding than other scholarships as they usually come with big rewards. When applying for scholarships, writing an essay is a crucial step because it provides you an advantage over other applicants. Most students typically dislike scholarships that have an essay requirement. You should continue reading if you enjoy English class and are really thrilled about a new creative writing project. Scholarships for writing, creative writing, and essays are excellent opportunities to use your talent.

Scholarship applications for essays are not simple tasks that everyone can complete in 20 minutes. Spend time writing, editing, and proofreading your scholarship essays. Essays that are selected for scholarships are flawlessly devoid of grammar and syntax errors. Check submitted essays for errors using a program like Grammarly. Make sure the essay is honest and concise in its discussion of the required subject. Be unique and convey your individual viewpoints.

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