Top 10 Jobs in Canada for Nigerian and African Immigrants 

Jobs in Canada
Jobs in Canada

Have you been searching for the best jobs in Canada for Nigerian and African Immigrants? This article is a pathway to getting a high-paying job in Canada.

Many people desire to immigrate to Canada due to the numerous opportunities that dwell in Canada and the scorching survival challenges that have plunged their nations.

If you have ever been doubtful of immigrating to Canada, the reasons below are why you need to immigrate to Canada and also tap from its avalanche of opportunities.

Why Canada

Why is Canada among the numerous European countries out there such as the US, UK, China, Russia, etc.? Kindly consider the reasons below. The list below would also serve as a preparation guide for you in order to build and equip yourself if relocating to Canada is your dream.

1) Rich Economy

Have you ever thought about why over 100,000 people troop to Canada yearly? Canada has a blossoming and rich Economy, compared to so many European countries out there. Related to this is the fact that the country has a growing population strength that is yet to match the glut of jobs and available resources therein.

2) Affordable Education

In terms of education, Canada has one of the cheapest education in Europe. Perhaps, you will like to study while you as well work in Canada; you can rest assured that the cost of education is friendly, and you will be able to manage between the two seamlessly.

Jobs in Canada

Having known this, let’s talk about the best jobs in Canada for Nigerian and African Immigrants.

1) Sales Representative

Are you good at marketing, with strong convincing skills, to make people buy a particular product or service? Then you can be sure of getting a job as a sales representative in Canada.

Canada is a perfect destination for those who have good marketing skills in terms of sales representatives, and you will be highly paid monthly for this service.

Sales Representatives are paid an average of 8000 Canadian dollars. In this essence, consider being a sales representative your ideal job in Canada.

2) Accountant

Did you study Accounting in Nigeria or Africa, and you are already considering it a waste of time, resources, energy, and money?

No, it’s not! In fact, you’ve taken the right and the best decision in your lifetime, as Accounting jobs are the second most demanded job in Canada, that are highly paid.

Once you have good qualifications, you stand a chance for the work of accountancy, and you will be highly paid for your position if eventually considered.

You should expect your salary to be $63,000- $75,000

3) Engineer

This comes third on the list of the best jobs in Canada for Nigerian and African Immigrants.

Canada is a country in dire need of engineers, who can contribute positively to the growth of the country technically.

Hence, if you are an engineer in any aspect, consider yourself lucky to have been able to find your way to Canada, as you will be higher for this your profession.

Your salary as an engineer will be between $75,000-90,000 monthly.

However, you must have up with all the requirements for working in Canada, before you can qualify for this position.

4) Nurses

This is the fourth most lucrative job in Canada for Nigerian and African Immigrants.

A nurse is someone who attends to the sick ones and has been certified to do so. Nurses work hand in hand with doctors, nevertheless, they are not authorized to carry out surgical operations.

Nurses are paid around $140,000 -$180,000 annually.

5) Doctors

There is a shortage of workers who are doctors in Canada, hence there is a high demand for those who are medical practitioners from foreign countries.

If you are a doctor, you will find it very easy to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria or African countries.

However, you will need to meet up with traveling requirements, and your level of education will as well be accessed to be sure it meets up with that Canadian education standards.

6) Technicians

This is another high-in-demand job in Canada, which is worth your time, investment, and money to immigrate to Canada for the sake of employment in this field.

Competent technicians are highly paid in Canada, and this comes in the 6th position on the list of best jobs in Canada for Nigerian and African Immigrants.

Technicians are those that deal with fixing the technical aspect of a gadget at an organization.

Remember, you must meet up with all the requirements before you will be granted access to work in this particular field. Hence, be sure you have all it takes.

7) Programmer

Knowing fully well that tech rules the world, it isn’t surprising to find one of these professions on the list of the most-paid jobs in Canada.

Programming is a branch of computer science, that deals with using a special language to perform some specific tasks, such as developing a game, etc.

Programmers code a computer to perform specific functions, hence the reason why they are highly paid.

Knowing fully well, the need for computer science is growing fast in every part of the world, it will be a great honor to have such a skill, and to be able to work it in Canada.

8) Business Analyst

Did you study business analysis in school or do you have a degree in a related field? It will be a great deal for you if you can get employment in Canada.

You must have studied a related course to qualify for this job in Canada.

9) Marketing Manager
Can you work as a marketing manager in Canada? Do you have the skill, degree, and experience?

Give Canada a shot, if you meet all these requirements. There are a lot of organizations that need the service of a marketing manager in Canada.

10) Software Developer

Software Developer is those who develop a program that computer devices rely upon.

The world is in a present stage where we can’t do without the use of computer devices, hence if you have the skills of software development, consider yourself to have one of the most lucrative skills, which you will be highly paid for. This skill is highly needed in Canada.

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