JAMB Regularization Guidelines 2021/2022 Login Portal, Price & Closing Date

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The JAMB Latest Regularization Guidelines and the Easy Steps In Obtaining It, how to easily process admission letter, the jamb regularization list, jamb regularization for NYSC 2021, the jamb regularization fee 2021, and also the closing date for Jamb Regularization.

The purpose of the Jamb regularization is to ensure that JAMB has your current admission detail that matches with the admission/registration record in the institution that offered you admission.

JAMB Regularization

The Purpose of JAMB Regularization/Condonement/Late Application/Validation of Illegitimate Admission

→The purpose of this regularization is to make sure that JAMB has your current admission detail that matches with the admission/registration record in the institution that offered you admission.

→This allows prospective undergraduates with admission but has no prior record with JAMB’s ability to register on the platform.

→This Process is called JAMB Regularization, Condonement of Illegitimate Admission, Or a Late Application Method!!!

This year 2021 Jamb regularization payment/procedures are quite similar to last year’s process, the only difference is just the payment mode.

Candidates Needed to Regularize Admission Includes:

1. The Condonement of Illegitimate Admission (with Registration Number) / A fresh Application – Those with JAMB Reg. Numbers.
In this category are Candidates who gained admission with a jamb registration number, but don’t have a Jamb admission letter. Candidates could print their admission letter for their course of choice or institution, which is now different from the initial course/institution offered. A new admission letter could be printed after processing. You should remember your Registration Number to use this service. Therefore, the use of this service costs a total sum of Five thousand naira (N5,000) only.

2. The change of Admission Letter – Those candidates with JAMB Registration Numbers.
This category is for Candidates who gained admission with a jamb registration number, but the Admission letter carries a different course or different institution name from the institution that gave them admission.

3. The condonement of Illegitimate Admission (Without Registration Number) / A Late Application – Those without JAMB Reg Number
These are Candidates who gained admission without a Jamb registration number or their mode of admission doesn’t require a jamb registration number. For Example Pre-degree. The Late Application: ₦3,500 and the Condonement of Illegitimate Admission: ₦5,000. This requires filling out the form which must go through an approval process. Registration Number must be issued upon the approval of the Application

Other Reasons May Include:

  •  I didn’t take the Jamb form
  • I did not have the Jamb Registration Number
  • I was conveyed into another course within the same tertiary institution
  • My Jamb score was below the cut-off mark
  • I was offered admission to another Institution
  • I did Remedial Program
  • I transferred from a different Institution
  • I did a Part-Time programme
  • I took part in Open University

How to go about with JAMB regularization, 2021

As we go into the procedure, carefully read through the process:

STEP 1: You are needed to create a profile through the Sign-Up (New User) Page if you are only a new user. For existing users, kindly type in your login details.

For you to create your profile, you would provide a valid email address, your surname, first name, your Mobile Number, State, and your LGA of Origin and password, then click on the Sign-Up button.

STEP 2: Afterwards, you will use your email address and password to log in through www.jamb.org.ng/efacility

STEP 3: Once are logged in, you would be taken to the landing webpage where you would see all available services.

STEP 4: Select “Late (Retroactive) Application”. This is also available on the sidebar

STEP 5: Immediately you are done with that, the menu item “Late Application” will be displayed. Click this.

STEP 6: Once you have selected this service, a Transaction ID is created for this service. This will be highlighted on the confirmation page screen.

STEP 7: Review the details reviewed on the Confirmation Page. Also, be aware of the Transaction ID displayed in a bold red font.

This Transaction ID will be used for all future references regarding the Transaction. Also, a copy of the transaction ID would be sent to your registered email address.

STEP 8: Tap on the Continue button if you wish to make payment with your card immediately. If you wish to make payment with other channels like ATM, Cash at the Bank, or Quick teller, please take note of the transaction ID as it would be required.

STEP 9: On the same Interswitch Payment page, enter your card payment details and click on the Pay button.

STEP 10: The status of your payment would be revealed on the “My Payment Section” Then, an SMS and email that contains your unique Transaction ID and payment status would be sent to you after the payment is done. Tap on the Continue button.

STEP 11: After the payment is completed, you will be required to provide the following:
a. Year of Exam and
b. JAMB Reg. Number

STEP 12: After entering the basic information correctly, the application form would be revealed. You are to fill the registration form online. Please take note of compulsory fields.

STEP 13: Tap Submit after completing your application.

STEP 14: After submission, a protection Form will be revealed for printing.

STEP 15: This is to be carefully filled and taken to your tertiary institution for Approval.

STEP 16: Your institution would be responsible for the submission of the approved form to the JAMB state office.

STEP 17: Once received, the Jamb-approved form would be uploaded to your profile. You would receive an immediate notification when this is done.

STEP 18: JAMB will start the process of your application. Once approved, your details would be changed as requested.

How much does jamb regularization Cost?

There is no fixed price, but immediately you check your jamb portal you would see the exact cost for doing it. If you decide to go to a cybercafé to process it, they would charge you more.

Is JAMB regularization really compulsory?

As a matter of fact, Jamb regularization is not for everyone. Only for those who want to do it should. If you do not need to regularize your JAMB Admission, then don’t bother to waste your money.

When is the Closing Date/ Deadline For Jamb Regularization?

As of now, there is no exact deadline announced by JAMB for those who want to do JAMB Regularization for either NYSC or direct entry. However, you should do this Jamb regularization as soon as possible.

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